With this document are regulated the terms and conditions with which  every user can visit the present web page  and use the services and products , which are offered through this web page ,( from now on the present document will be called “Agreement”).


The company “THEODOROPOULOS THEMISTOKLIS L.P (LIMITED PARTNERSHIP)” ,(from now on called “The Company”) concerning the  protection of people’ rights , who visit this web page, declares that it tries as much as possible in order that the total of the content of the site and the information  that are included  in this site are clear, accurate and complete . Does not exist however Company’s’ responsibility for  any kind damage which maybe will happen to the user of the website due to this use or the information ,where  there are , included the case of negligence . The information and the other details which are included in the website and through this are available to the users of the website, as long as they don’t refer to the Company, they are collected by the Company from accessible to the users sources and are provided to the users of the website exclusively and only for informative purposes .The Company is not move on in evaluation, estimate, adoption, acceptance or approval of these information. The provision of this information through the website cannot in any case to be considered is an advice or a suggestion, an offer or acceptance of the suggestion for setting up any kind of agreement or interchange with the company or with others .It is up to the user exclusively the responsibility for the use , the evaluation , the estimate and the utilization of any information .


Through our website is provided the ability to the users to go through specific links (links, hyperlinks, banners) in third party websites. In these websites, the content is formed with exclusively responsibility of these people, without any involvement or responsibility of the Company. The Company does not guarantee their availability and does not approve or is not responsible for the content or the correctness , legality , completeness , timeliness and accuracy of the information either for the quality and the product’s or services’ properties  , which are available from these people through these websites .The Company is also not responsible for any errors or malfunctions of third party websites, as well as for any damage to users from access to and use of the information, services and products provided through them . For details about the management of the websites from these administers , the user must check the Privacy Policies and Personal Data Protection , the terms and conditions of using these websites and must communicate with them for information he wants or for the practice of his rights.


The content of this website (programs, informational material in any form, data, software , graphics , trademarks , brand names ,logos e.t.c) constitutes property of the Company or each provider , which is protected by the provisions of the Greek and the European law. Is forbidden any modification , publication , transmission , transfer , reproduction ,distribution ,presentation , connection , loading or with other  way  exploitation in whole or in parts , of the content of the website with any way or any means for commercial or other purposes , without the previous written permission of the Company or any provider.


The Company make any possible effort, in order that the website function uninterrupted, free of any kind of mistakes, virus etc. However, due to the fact that the Internet is not a safe place, the Company does not guarantee to the users the above and is not responsible for any damage of the users or others which will come up from their surfing on the website, (par example: loss of data) due to use/copy/loading (download) or due to alteration or contamination with virus or other non permitted interventions from others in files and information which are provided through the website.  Τhe user is exclusively responsible for the protection of his system from virus. Messages for the Company through email  may not be safe . Due to this situation the Company suggest do not send sensitive information through email. But if you decide to act like that, you accept the risk that  these sensitive information will be stolen  , will be used with wrong way οr maybe they will be changed by others .

These website is usually available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. However, the Company maintains the right to turn this website unavailable, sometimes for any reason or without a reason, without being responsible for damages which might happen to the users and will be caused  due to any interruption  or shutting down   the website . At any time and for any reason the Company has the right to shut down the access and the use of this website or any part of this or to erase any content, characteristic or service of this website, without having the obligation to inform previous users.


The users of the website have to comply with the legal provisions of Greek, European and International law and also with the relative legislation which governs the telecommunications .Also the users must avoid any illegal and abusive behavior during the use of this website and in relation with this. The users must avoid the adoption of any act of unfair competition and other illegal actions .The user of the website is responsible for any damage will happen to the Company’s website due to the bad and unfair use of the website and the services which are offered through this. In case that the Company will be involved in any trial  or  will be called to pay any kind of damages which caused because the user breaks his obligations which are mentioned in these terms , the user has to pay the Company for this reason .

If for the access in specific information will be demanded, now or in the future, the use of a password, every user will be exclusively responsible for securing the privacy of his password. Also every user will be exclusively responsible for his or the Company’s damage, which will be caused by the access of someone with any way  in his personal password.

Between others and only by way of example the users of this website agree not to:

  • Limit or block the access to this website and the use of this or in a part of this to the others users through cyber attracts (cyber-attacks, DoS attacks, flooding etc.) or with other similar activities.
  • Interfere with any way to the software or in the function of the website , among others and only by way of example ,with the transmission or with the send in any kind of software or other material to the website which contains any kind of virus , «time bombs» stalking horse , «worms», or  any kind of malware programs ,  or any computer programming functions which can harm , can block , can interrupt  or can damage any system , data or information.
  • Use the website for illegal or unapproved from the Company purposes.
  • Violating the Company’s or others copyrights
  • Transmit illegal content or information
  • Violating others’ commercial privacy
  • Proceed in any kind of advertisement or commercial communication or post without the Company’s clearly  agreement
  • Participate in sending unwanted mail («spamming»)
  • Proceed in any act of alteration or change or exploitation ( commercial or  not) of this website or any part of this or of his content ,among them is included and the reproduction of the website or the content of this without the Company’s clearly agreement
  • Use any apps (such as robots, spiders, or other manual or automatic device or procedure) for the recovery, the location, the export data («data mine») or with any way the reproduction or the circumvention of the navigation structure or the presentation of this website or his content.
  • Get or to collect information about the visitors of this website
  • Create database with systemic download and save for any kind of information from this website.


The Company maintain the right to modificate, anytime, this terms of use and the content of this website, without any previous notification to the users. But only with the announcement of the modification through the website, the users have to, any time, check for any changes. If they continue to use the website, is presumed their acceptance for these modifications.


If the user wants to make a booking of a car or to buy any product or service which are provided by the Company and are described in the website, the Company (or the third part which is made provider of the product or service) will ask from the user to provide personal data, which are useful for the booking, the shopping or the provision of the service.

For example, maybe the user will be asked to provide through other his personal data (name and surname father’s name, year of birth, etc.), details of his personal credit card, details of his identity, his tax number, also any other information which is considered necessary for the identity of the person and for the further ability to make ,each time , the desired agreement . In this case become operative the Privacy Policy of the Company, which is founded in the website with the relevant link and which content can and must be known to the user. If the provider or the product come from a third person, a co-worker or not of the Company, the relevant Privacy Policy will be provided by the third person, who will be responsible for the processing. In this case the Company is not responsible for the collection or processing of the information which are provided from the user , either she is responsible for the policy and the practices of these providers or any third people in reference to the protection of privacy data .

The user accepts that the total of the details which provides to the Company for making bookings or purchases  or  applications for services will be accurate , full and will be matched with his personal data ,which are valid during the time of giving  the details  . Also he is agreed to pay the total of the charges which are made from him or from people who are authorized  from him for the use of his account and his personal credit card  or  other payment device, at the price or prices which are applied when are imposed the relevant charges.

The user will ,also, has the obligation to pay all the taxes etc. which are relevant with the purchases. The Company maintains the right , without previous notification ,to change any description or images or references at any product or service in this website or to limit the quantity of the order at any product or service or/and to refuse the service. We note that the descriptions or images  or references to products or thirds’ services do not necessarily end up to the Company’s approval for these products or services either they create an  obligation  of the user’s  refund due to the purchase of this product or this service for any cause .

Maybe is demanded verification of the data which have been submitted before the acceptance of any booking , purchase or order. Unless is demanded differently from the law , the price ,the value and the availability of the products or services may be subject to changes without warning.

The user knows and accepts in advance the additives terms and conditions  which refer to the bookings , the purchases and the provision of services  from the Company , hers affiliated  , franchises or the co-workers.


The Company’s website, in this phase does not use cookies. Relevant change of our policy in the future will registered in these terms and will be part of the Agreement with the user .


The website of the Company is accessible in a worldwide level , the contract however it is up to the Company’s discretion , which can set limits or special terms depending on the origin of the user, even to deny the provision of service to him .

Users who may want to have access to the Company’s website from locations outside the E.U, they act with their initiative and with their responsibility and they are responsible for the observance of national laws , if and in the measure the national law are applied .


This Agreement  is written   in Greek Law and is interpreted according to the laws of  the Greek state. For any disagreement may come up from the access or the use of the Company’s website , locally competent Courts is agreed to be these at the Patras’ town   .

This Agreement has been composed in Greek  and has been  translated in English language . For any disagreement maybe will come up between the interpretation in Greek and English text , will prevail the Greek text.


The total of the above terms , with the other Policies of the Company , are the Agreement between the Company and the user  about this subject. Any previous  or current  written or oral Αgreement between the Company and the user  are invalid with the exception of the agreements between members ,which have already been carried out fully .

In  case of  disagreement , contradiction or conflict between information which are published in this website  , of this Agreement or and any kind of agreement the user make with the Company , the terms of this agreement are more powerful from the Agreement and from the information which are published on the website , but the terms of this Agreement will be more powerful only than the information which are published on the website .

The titles of the chapters in this Agreement  are useful only as a reference  and are not more powerful than the important content of any specific chapter .

The no use of these Company’s rights , which are referred to above, by  the Company is not hers resignation from any kind of provision  or right either could interpreted as one . If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or not applicable , this characterization will not influence the Agreement as a total either the other provisions of this Agreement , which are remained in  fully  power.

This Agreement may not be assigned , transmitted to others or granted further permission for using from the user , unless if the Company previous give hers written permission , only for this purpose .